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Nicotrol Gum 2mg Classic

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Nicotrol Gum 2mg Classic

Nicotrol is the same gum as Nicorette, manufactured and distributed by the same company (Pharmacia), but marketed under a different brand.

Nicotrol gum helps you quit smoking by gradually weaning your body off nicotine addiction.

Nicotrol can help significantly increase your chances of successfully quitting smoking when used in accordance with a stop smoking plan that helps you overcome your unique barriers.

Nicotrol gum is the most popular proven and effective way to help kick the smoking habit once and for all. If you have decided to quit, using Nicotrol is safer on your body than slowly reducing smoking.

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Nicotrol Gum Classic 2mg
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Nicotrol Gum Classic 2mg
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Nicotrol Gum Classic 4mg
12 X Nicotrol Gum 4mg Classic (105 pieces)
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Nicotrol Gum Classic 4mg
24 X Nicotrol Gum 4mg Classic (105 pieces)
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Buy Nicotrol Gum 2mg Classic (105 pieces)
$29.65 USD

Nicotrol gum is a stop smoking aid that effectively relieves nicotine craving and withdrawal symptoms:
-in smokers motivated to quit smoking
-during times when smoking is not permitted
-between cigarettes in smokers unable or unwilling to quit.

Active Ingredient:
Each chewing gum contains 2mg nicotine.

Usual dose 8-12 pieces a day. Use no more than 24 pieces of gum a day. If required, the use of nicotine patches may be combined with Nicotrol gum 2 mg. Read the package insert for detailed directions for use.

Use no more than 24 pieces of gum a day.

Do not use if you are:
-Allergic to Nicotine or any ingredient in the gum
-Pregnant or breastfeeding
-Under 18 years of age

Do not use if you have:
-Recently had a heart attack or stroke
-Angina that is not controlled
-Severe, irregular heartbeats (palpitations)
-A sore mouth or throat

Contact your doctor before use if you:
-Have severe cardiovascular disease
-Have high blood pressure that is not controlled
-Have a stomach ulcer
-Have kidney disease
-Take insulin for diabetes
-Have an overactive thyroid or adrenal gland cancer

Keep out of the reach of children.
Store below 25C.

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If you are under 18 years of age please leave now, discuss your health options with your parents.
Important: You should never use nicotine gum if you suffer from active oesophagitis, ulcers of the stomach (gastric or peptic), inflammation of the mouth, gums or pharynx, or are pregnant and/or breastfeeding.
You should always consult your doctor before starting any medications.